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This page follows up on the hubpageIncrease Adsense Revenue: Google Adsense Revenue Strategiesin which I introduced readers to some AdSense revenue sharing bookmarking sites, these sites not only provide dofollow backlinks but also share AdSense revenues with their users. Unfortunately not all bookmarking sites share revenues likeXomba and SheToldMe, yet building up as many dofollow backlinks to your online content remains as important as ever to your success with online earning. The more dofollow backlinks leading to your website pages, hubpages, squidoo pages, blog pages or whatever pages the better. The more backlinks, the higher your content will end up in the search engines, thus more traffic and inevitably greater earnings and business potential. Finding these dofollow bookmarks is never easy however, as webmasters protect their businesses from spam; this page will list some of the greatest sources of dofollow backlinks out there to help you on your way!
If you have any more, please share them with each other in the comment box! I have reviewed and tested over 120 sites using SEO software to compile this list, so fingers crossed it is completely correct factually! The complete list is split over two pages, with the first page listing dofollow backlinks on sites with a page rank of 3, 4 and 5; this one looks at dofollow backlinks on sites with a page rank of 6, 7 and 8 (Remember, the higher the number the more powerful the backlink).

Free Page Rank 8 Backlinks (PR8)

Finding a free page rank 8 bookmark can be extremely difficult, but thankfully I have managed it, do not overuse them as Google can punish those that do - but used sparingly for your very best content they can be invaluable in helping you get your page to the google top 10!
  • - Everybody has heard of Reddit, but to be honest I had no idea that it was dofollow! I'm not sure how they respond to those submitting their own content, but at page rank 8 I will be giving it a good damn go at getting a few of my links in!
  • - A social bookmarking site for nerds, this site is actually PR9 but it came along far too late for me to create it a category of it's own and I don't know where the .jpg number 9 went! Anyway, getting one or two of these will do you the world of good!

Free Page Rank 7 Backlinks (PR7)

Just like finding a PR8 backlink is difficult, finding a juicy dofollow PR7 backlink is difficult, but they are out there and here are a few that I have managed to find on my travels throughout the world wide web!
  • - Folkd is a huge bookmarking site, in a Digg style, which allows you pretty much a free reign to list whatever you please - that means that bookmarking your own content is generally seen as acceptable. This site is currently showing as a hugely respectable Page Rank 7! This means that it is incredibly hot! Definitely one which you need to utilise!
  • - Blinklist is a one-click private bookmarking site with a number of sharing options, it actually allows you to bookmark any page from any computer with just one single click before sharing the lists however you please. I haven't yet used this, so I cannot be certain that bookmarks are dofollow at all stages, but my understanding is that the site can be used for easy PR7 dofollow's!
  • - This site is used specifically for academic articles and scholarly references. I have no content worthy of that sort of acknowledgement, at least yet, so I will leave those that do to work out how to find the PR7 backlinks! Apparently they are dofollow though!
  • - Propeller is a hugly popular social bookmarking site with some great traffic and apparently much google love! The submitted links are dofollow, and the site uses a simple interface in which users 'prop it' or 'drop it'. The site doesn't take too kindly to those tha mass-post their own links, but I have got away with a couple and at PR7 it is worth the risk!

Free Page Rank 6 Backlinks (PR6)

Also very difficult to find, page rank 6 backlinks can add a great deal of credibility to your online content; I have managed to find some of these too!
  • - dzone is an awesome social bookmarking site, a little like digg (but plusher!) with a web development theme. Anything techy will be fine on this site, but start posting bookmarks about relationships, mortgages, and credit cards..... and you will inevitably find yourself thrown out of the door. SEO stuff is generally fine, as are things like laptop reviews, anything else has to include talk about php, html, etc!
  • - Another bookmarking/content sharing site with a sleak unique design, this site is not really intended for those submitting their own content so I cannot be certain that this will go down well. If you do manage to sneak a couple of your backlinks on the site, you will benefit from the sites PR6 status.
  • - This is a Swedish bookmarking site, however many of the bookmarks submitting are written in English so submitting your links shouldn't be a problem. All submitted links appear to be dofollow!
  • - BuddyMarks is a dual purpose bookmarking site, allowing you to bookmark personal bookmarks as well as make bookmarks public. In order to gain a dofollow bookmark, you need to make your links public; easy peasy for another page rank 6 dofollow!
  • - is another private bookmarking site, your links become dofollow once you share them on hot lists and use similar means of making them available to the community.
  • - Another bookmarking site which does not mind when you upload your own content, some associates of mine have also reported some good traffic from this site!

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